ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
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ECOSTRESS Applications


ECOSTRESS data can be used in a wide variety of applications and applied science investigations, with partnerships on-going at the US and non-US federal, state, and local/regional scales.  Partnerships on-going include working with USDA; states of California, Florida, and Iowa; cities of Los Angeles and Phoenix and utilities such as the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Eastern Municipal Water District, and the Tennessee River Valley Authority.  ECOSTRESS applications also has an international footprint through engagements with Brazil, Costa Rica, Portugal and Spain, and Cambodia.  Areas in which we work include land management (evaluating and assessing restoration efforts), urban heat island detection and mitigation, drought, aquatic ecosystem and habitat assessment, thermal pollution from power plants, shellfisheries and coastal vegetation stress and risk, wildfires, public health, and geothermal and geology hazards.  

As of March 6, 2020, our ECOSTRESS Early Adopters community (now the Community of Practice) has over 272 individuals, with 1/3 of members engaging in Applied Sciences investigations. 

Are you interested in utilizing or evaluating ECOSTRESS data for decision support?  Please contact  

ECOSTRESS for assessing restoration effects - L. Jonas Hamberg [ link ] (
ECOSTRESS for characterizing urban heat vulnerability - Glynn Hulley [ link 1 | link 2 | link 3 ] (
ECOSTRESS for mapping drought - Gregory Halverson (
ECOSTRESS and aquatic ecosystems - Christine Lee [ link ] (
ECOSTRESS mapping of thermal pollution from nuclear power plants - Jeff Luvall [ link 1 | link 2] (
ECOSTRESS - water surface temperature and biodiversity - Dan Otis [ link 1 | link 2 ] (
ECOSTRESS - heat and desiccation risk prediction in intertidal shellfisheries - Dave Wethey [ link ] (
ECOSTRESS - heat stress in South Florida Estuaries - Chuanmin Hu [ link ] (
ECOSTRESS - changing landscapes, urban heat, and city water conservation - Soe Myint [ link ] (
ECOSTRESS - forecasts of mosquito-borne disease - Nicholas DeFelice [ link ] (
ECOSTRESS - agriculture in Costa Rica [ link 1 | link 2 ], Arizona [ link ], Iowa [ link ] (
ECOSTRESS - climate and environmental hazards:  Hurricane Dorian [ link ], Australia Fires [ link ], summary [ link ] (
ECOSTRESS and impacts on mangroves [ link ] (
ECOSTRESS and agricultural applications of ET [ link ] Andy French (

Training / Tutorials

ECOSTRESS swath2tif - Jupyter Notebook to convert from ECOSTRESS swath to geotiff
ECOSTRESS in AppEEARS - LP.DAAC tool to quickly subset and reproject ECOSTRESS data
ECOSTRESS cloud mask for L2 LST - Jupyter Notebook to apply the L2 cloud mask to L2 Land Surface Temperature AppEEARS output

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ECOSTRESS standard products will include evapotranspiration (PT-JPL and ALEXI) as well as evaporative stress index and water use efficiency.  These products can be used to assess vegetation water stress over managed (such as agricultural) and natural landscapes and have the potential to support management decisions.  The ECOSTRESS Applications Area is seeking core partners and activities to pursue to demonstrate applications of ECOSTRESS or ECOSTRESS-like products in applied contexts.  

Please contact Christine Lee with any applications activities you would like to pursue with ECOSTRESS - 


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