ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
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ECOSTRESS applications

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ECOSTRESS standard products will include evapotranspiration (PT-JPL and ALEXI) as well as evaporative stress index and water use efficiency.  These products can be used to assess vegetation water stress over managed (such as agricultural) and natural landscapes and have the potential to support management decisions.  The ECOSTRESS Applications Area is seeking core partners and activities to pursue to demonstrate applications of ECOSTRESS or ECOSTRESS-like products in applied contexts.  

Please contact Christine Lee with any applications activities you would like to pursue with ECOSTRESS - 


DEVELOP Project - Costa Rica Agriculture
Applying ECOSTRESS Diurnal Cycle Land Surface Temperature and Evapotranspiration to Agricultural Soil and Water Management

DEVELOP Project - Costa Rica Agriculture II
Analyzing Advantages of ECOSTRESS Data as a Tool for Drought Detection and Water Management Practices

DEVELOP Project - Arizona Agriculture
Demonstrating the Potential Applications of ECOSTRESS Evapotranspiration Products in Plant Phenotyping and Predicting Patterns in Global Species Richness

Agricultural Applications of ET - Andy French / USDA


Public Access Data and LP-DAAC


Tutorial to produce simulated ECOSTRESS Land Surface Temperature - UCDavis, USDA, NOAA, JPL

Using Google Earth Engine to process and produce NDVI/ET maps - EARTH University