ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
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National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

A Decadal Strategy for Earth Observation from Space (2018)

Proposal Opportunities


Team Meetings

    1. ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting - October 2023
    2. ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting - November 2022
    3. ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting - April 2022
    4. ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting - August 2021
    5. ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting - December 2020
    6. ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting - February 2020
    7. ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting - March 2019
    8. ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting - June 2018
    9. ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting - May 2017
    10. ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting 2015 - NASA Earth Observer Mar-Apr 2016
    11. ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting 2014 - NASA Earth Observer May-June 2015



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Classroom Activities

Plant - Transpiration Experiment


Fact Sheets



City of Los Angeles using ECOSTRESS for urban heat mitigation
ECOSTRESS - Interview w Dr. Fisher
Monitoring Plants from Space
Costa Rica Agriculture Project, Part 1 | Part 2
Arizona Agriculture Project
Monitoring Plant Health from Space: NASA’s ECOSTRESS Mission - ECOSTRESS scientists
The Fate of Earth’s Ecosystems - ECOSTRESS Science Lead Dr. Josh Fisher
Science on-board CRS-15, choice of YouTube or Ustream video links
Launch of SpaceX Falcon 9 with ECOSTRESS, choice of YouTube or Ustream video links

USGS Podcasts

USGS - Eyes on Earth Episode 80 - ECOSTRESS and Carbon

USGS - Eyes on Earth Episode 77 - ECOSTRESS and Urban Heat

USGS - Eyes on Earth Episode 76 - ECOSTRESS and Disease Risk

USGS - Eyes on Earth Episode 73 - Global Water Use

USGS - Eyes on Earth Episode 70 - ECOSTRESS and Aquatic Ecosystems

USGS - Eyes on Earth Episode 67 - ECOSTRESS and Water Use

USGS - Eyes on Earth Episode 65 - Rapid Fire Mapping with Remote Sensing

USGS - Eyes on Earth Episode 63 - Post Fire Recovery

USGS - Full set of ECOSTRESS Podcast Episodes

Public Radio Podcasts

North State Public Radio - Blue Dot: ECOSTRESS and Mono Lake

Instrument Photos

Instrument Development

Instrument at Cape Canaveral

Mating to SpaceX

Tools, Shop and Links

Observation Map Tool

Shop - ECOSTRESS Apparel

Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer (HyTES)

Prototype HyspIRI Thermal Infrared Radiometer (PHyTIR)

ECOSTRESS Spectral Library

20 Years of Observing Earth from the ISS

NASA's New Space 'Botanist' Arrives at Launch Site

Can plants tell us when the next drought will happen? - Pasadena Star News

New NASA insights into the secret lives of plants

The Earth Observer. July - August 2017. Volume 29, Issue 4.

NASA's ECOSTRESS Will Monitor Plant Health

New NASA Mission to Detect Plant Water Use from Space

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