ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
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ECOSTRESS Science Team Members

Project Team Members

NASA HQ and Program Office Team
Name Institution Role Email Bio
Keith Gaddis NASA HQ Program Scientist --
Mike Obland NASA HQ Mission Manager for Operating Missions --
JPL Project Science Team
Simon Hook JPL Principal Investigator Link
Kerry Cawse-Nicholson JPL Science Lead Link
Madeleine Pascolini-Campbell JPL Applications Lead/Science Team Member Link
Christine Lee JPL Applications Advisor Link
Glynn Hulley JPL Science Team Member Link
Gregory Halverson JPL Science Team Member Link
Original Science Team Members
Glynn Hulley JPL Science Team Member Link
Josh Fisher Chapman University Science Team Member --
Rick Allen University of Idaho Science Team Member Link
Martha Anderson USDA Science Team Member Link
Dennis Baldocchi University of California, Berkeley Science Team Member Link
Andy French USDA Science Team Member Link
Chris Hain NASA MSFC/University of Maryland Science Team Member Link
Eric Wood Princeton University Science Team Member Link
First Selection - Science Team
Kerry Cawse-Nicholson JPL

Evaluating a CONUS-Wide disALEXI Evapotranspiration Product Link
Nicholas DeFelice ICAHN School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Developing Spatial Real-Time Forecasts of Mosquito-Borne Diseases Link
Christopher Doughty Northern Arizona University

Merging ECOSTRESS with Field Data in the Highest Uncertainty Water Use Efficiency Regions in the World Link
Christian Frankenberg California Institute of Technology

Exploiting Diurnal Cycles to Evaluate Vegetation Responses to Heat and Drought Stress Link
Christoph Hecker Universiteit Twente

Investigating Dynamic Thermal Processes to Optimize Geothermal Hotspot Detection Link
Chuanmin Hu University of South Florida, Tampa

Thermal Stress in South Florida Estuaries: A Multi-Sensor Assessment Link
Soe Myint Texas State University

Changing Landscapes, Urban Heat Island and the Effects on City Water Conservation Policy --
Daniel Otis University of South Florida, Tampa

Examining the Relation Between Biodiversity and Surface Temperature Regimes in Localized Coastal Upwelling Zones Using ECOSTRESS Link
Helen Poulos Wesleyan University

Evaluating the Potential of ECOSTRESS for Predicting Wildfire Effects on Plant Community Structure and Water Relations in an Arizona Sky Island Pine-Oak Forest Link
David Wethey University of South Carolina

ECOSTRESS- Heat and Desiccation Risk Prediction in Intertidal Shellfisheries Link
Mary Whelan Rutgers University, New Brunswick

New Estimates of Terrestrial Carbon and Water Fluxes by Combining the Carbonyl Sulfide Stomatal Conductance Tracer Framework and High Resolution Surface Data Link

Dennis Baldocchi

University of California, Berkeley

How Much Water is Evaporated Across California?: An Assessment Using a MesoNetwork of Eddy Covariance Sites, a Biophysical Model Forced with Satellite Remote Sensing and ECOSTRESS Data Link
Jingfeng Xiao University of New Hampshire, Durham

Understanding Diurnal Cycles of Plant Water Use and Carbon Uptake with Existing and New Products Based on ECOSTRESS, MODIS, and FLUXNET Link
Second Selection - Science Team
Scott Allen University of Nevada, Reno

Water-Balance Succession Following Wildfires in Great-Basin Shrublands Link
Devendra Amatya USDA Forest Service

Towards Enhancements in ECOSTRESS Products for Quantifying Ecosystem Evapotranspiration and its Partitioning for Key Southern US Forests --
Josh Fisher Chapman University

I.C.E. C.R.E.A.M.: Integrating Communication of ECOSTRESS into Community Research, Education, Applications, and Media --
Bo-Cai Gao Naval Research Laboratory

Quantifying ECOSTRESS LST Errors Resulting From Unmasked Cirrus Clouds and Developing Techniques to Remove Thin Cirrus Effects In Surface Temperature Data Products --
Kaiyu Guan University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Redefining Droughts for the U.S. Corn Belt: Quantification of the Impacts of Soil Aridity and Atmospheric Aridity on Agroecosystems Using ECOSTRESS LST and ET Products --
Gregory Halverson JPL

Thermally Sensitive ECOSTRESS Evapotranspiration Model Ensemble Evaluation and Development Link
Brian Hornbuckle Iowa State University

Remotely Sensing Crop Stress in the U.S. Corn Belt --
Leiqiu Hu University of Alabama in Huntsville

Harnessing ECOSTRESS to Assess the Diurnal Dynamics of the Urban Thermal Environments and Their Impacts on Heat-Related Health Risks --
Madeleine Pascolini-Campbell JPL

An Investigation of Fire-Driven Changes in Landscape Water Use: A Diurnal, Multi-Ecoregion Perspective Link
Benjamin Poulter NASA GSFC

Quantifying Global Ecosystem Vulnerability to Drought with ECOSTRESS --
Temuulen Sankey Northern Arizona University

Semi-Arid Forest Restoration Treatments Improve Drought Resiliency: ECOSTRESS-Based Assessment --
Nick Steiner The City College of New York

Remote Sensing of Urban Ecosystem Function in the Megacity: Fine Resolution Characterization of Water Stress in New York City Urban Forests with ECOSTRESS --
Allison Steiner University of Michigan

Using ECOSTRESS to Understand the Role of Diffuse Light on Vegetation --
David Wethey University of South Carolina

High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature from ECOSTRESS Link
Yun Yang Mississippi State University

Water-Use and Land-Cover Change Detection Using ECOSTRESS and OpenET --