ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
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NASA DEVELOP Project - Arizona Agriculture Spring 2017

Objective: Demonstrating the Potential Applications of ECOSTRESS Evapotranspiration Products in Plant Phenotyping and Predicting Patterns in Global Species Richness

Team: *Molly Spater, Sol Kim, Leah Kucera (*indicates Team Lead)

Mentors: Dr. Christine Lee, Dr. Joshua Fisher

Partner at USDA: Dr. Andrew French, Research Physical Scientist

Community Concern:

  • A changing climate impacts water and energy availability, both of which are crucial to plant health. Changes to these environmental variables therefore threaten both agricultural systems and global biodiversity as a whole
  • Selecting superior crop varieties is currently very costly and labor intensive
  • Demonstrated need for non-destructive, large-scale phenotyping via remote sensing to catch up to progress made in plant genotyping
  • Need for global, remotely-sensed tool to study biodiversity