ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
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Science Data Product Description

All products are now publicly available through: LP.DAAC and EarthData
Median latency for processing is 12 hours

Data ProductDescriptionPixel Size*
Resolution (days)
ECO1BRAD.001 Radiometric Calibration 70 x 70 Over continental United
States and target
areas**, every 1-7 days
ECO1BATT.001 Attitude and Ephemeris
ECO1BMAPRAD.001 Radiometric Calibration
ECO1BGEO.001 Geometric Calibration
ECO2LSTE.001 Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity
ECO2CLD.001 Cloud mask
ECO3ETPTJPL.001 Evapotranspiration (PT-JPL model enhanced)
ECO3ANCQA.001 Ancillary Data Quality
ECO3ETALEXIU.001 Evapotranspiration (ALEXI model enhanced) 30 x 30***
ECO4ESIPTJPL.001 Evaporative Stress Index derived from L3_ET_PT-JPL 70 x 70
ECO4ESIALEXIU.001 Evaporative Stress Index derived from L3_ET_ALEXI 30 x 30***
ECO4WUE.001 Water Use Efficiency 70 x 70
*More accurately referred to as pixel spacing resolution (m) because of dependencies on ISS altitude, which varies.
**For more info, please visit ECOSTRESS Gmap to see where data has been acquired
***70 x 70 is resampled to 30 x 30 (meters)