ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
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Science Team Meeting - December 2020

Fall 2020 ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting
1 December 2020
Virtual Meeting 8:00am - 4:00pm (Pacific Time)
Tuesday, 1 Dec 2020
Time Title - Speaker

8:00 AM

Welcome and Introduction to ECOSTRESS Fall Meeting - Simon Hook, JPL PDF File

8:10 AM

NASA HQ welcome to ECOSTRESS team meeting - Woody Turner, NASA HQ

8:20 AM

Overview of ECOSTRESS Science and Applications - Josh Fisher, JPL

8:35 AM

Data Overview, Processing, Products - Dana Freeborn, JPL 

8:45 AM

L1BGEO and Geolocation - Tom Logan, JPL  PDF File

9:00 AM

L2 Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity + Cloud Mask - Glynn Hulley, JPL PDF File

9:10 AM

L3/L4 PT-JPL Planned Update: Estimating Daily High-Resolution Vegetation Index to Support ECOSTRESS Evapotranspiration Processing - Maggie Johnson and Gregory Halverson, JPL PDF File

9:20 AM

L3/4 (ALEXI) Evapotranspiration and Evaporative Stress Index - Yang Yang, USDA

9:30 AM

LP DAAC Updates - Tom Maiersperger, LP DAAC

9:35 AM Break
9:50 AM

ECOSTRESS and IrriWatch - Wim Bastiaanssen, IrriWatch

10:00 AM

Investigating Dynamic Thermal Processes to Optimize Geothermal Hotspot Detection, Christoph Hecker , University of Twente PDF File

10:15 AM

New Estimates of Terrestrial Carbon and Water Fluxes by Combining the Carbonyl Sulfide Stomatal Conductance Tracer Framework and High Resolution Surface Data - Mary Whelan, Rutgers University

10:30 AM

ECOSTRESS Surface Temperature over Inland Waters for Aquatic Ecosystem Applications - Christine Lee, JPL

10:45 AM

Examining the Relation Between Biodiversity and Surface Temperature Regimes in Localized Coastal Upwelling Zones Using ECOSTRESS - Daniel Otis, University of South Florida PDF File

11:00 AM

Heat and Desiccation Risk Prediction in Intertidal Shellfisheries - David Wethey, Univ. South Carolina

11:15 AM

Thermal Stress in South Florida Estuaries: A Multi-Sensor Assessment - Chuanmin Hu, University of South Florida

11:30 AM

Developing Spatial Real-Time Forecasts of Mosquito-Borne Diseases - Nicholas DeFelice, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

11:45 AM

Evaluating the Potential of ECOSTRESS for Predicting Wildfire Effects on Plant Community Structure and Water Relations in an Arizona Sky Island Pine-Oak Forest - Helen Poulos, Wesleyan University PDF File

12:00 PM Lunch Break
12:35 PM

Lunch Lightning Talks

  1. ECOSTRESS Urban Canopy Hackathon - Sanjana Paul / Katie Patrick, Earth Hacks PDF File
  2. ECOSTRESS radiance for detecting irrigation - Lynn Torak, USGS, South Atlantic Water Science Center 
  3. Surface Biology and Geology - Chip Miller, JPL PDF File
  4. TRISHNA - Philippe Gamet, CNES
  5. LSTM - Ben Koetz, European Space Agency 
1:00 PM

NASA Headquarters Earth Science: ECOSTRESS and the community - Karen St. Germain, NASA HQ

1:10 PM

Discussions regarding ECOSTRESS and ISS - Jamie Wicks, NASA HQ

1:20 PM

Headquarters Q&A and Impact Discussion - Simon Hook, JPL

1:35 PM

Merging ECOSTRESS with Field Data in the Highest Uncertainty Water Use Efficiency Regions in the World - Christopher Doughty, Northern Arizona University

1:50 PM

Changing Landscapes, Urban Heat Island and the Effects on City Water Conservation Policy - Soe Myint, Arizona State University - School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

2:05 PM Break
2:20 PM

Exploiting Diurnal Cycles to Evaluate Vegetation Responses to Heat and Drought Stress - Christian Frankenberg, Caltech/JPL

2:35 PM

Evaluating a CONUS-Wide disALEXI Evapotranspiration product - Kerry Cawse-Nicholson, JPL PDF File

2:50 PM

How Much Water is Evaporated Across California?: An Assessment Using a MesoNetwork of Eddy Covariance Sites, a Biophysical Model Forced with Satellite Remote Sensing and ECOSTRESS Data - Dennis Baldocchi, UC Berkeley

3:05 PM

Understanding Diurnal Cycles of Plant Water Use and Carbon Uptake with Existing and New Products Based on ECOSTRESS, MODIS, and FLUXNET - Jingfeng Xiao, University of New Hampshire

3:20 PM Closing Comments, Simon Hook / Woody Turner
Virtual Team Photo
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