ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
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Early Adopters

Members of the ECOSTRESS Early Adopters program are granted access to provisional ECOSTRESS data (L1-L4). The goal of this EA program is to encourage use and feedback on the provisional data to help the project improve the quality of the data and understand extent of use of ECOSTRESS data in research to applied sciences. We welcome submissions across all Earth science disciplines. Data will be made accessible to Early Adopters using the NASA Earthdata interface, with the support of LP.DAAC. We have set up an ECOSTRESS Early Adopters slack channel to support collaborations, discussions and feedback around ECOSTRESS data.   There are a few sample datasets available in the gallery tab. 


As of June 2019, we have over 234 Early Adopters, from over 21 countries and across academic, government (US and non-US), private and NGO sectors.


Early Adopters Charter

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Data Description and FAQ

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LP.DAAC code - reproject ECOSTRESS swath to geotiff