ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station
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ECOSTRESS Science Team Meeting 2020 Workshop Instructions

Download all workshop files ahead of the training (download complete zipped files).


Download USGS Workshop Presentation slides 


 1. Earthdata Login

Register for a NASA Earthdata Login Account if you do not already have one. Click the blue REGISTER button.


2. Python Setup

Download and install the Python 3.7 version of Anaconda Python.

To create an environment with Jupyter Lab and rasterio, do the following:

1. On MacOS and Linux, open a terminal window (or On Windows, open a command window)

2.  At the terminal or command prompt type (or copy and paste) the following:

conda create -n ecostress_workshop -c conda-forge --yes python=3.7 jupyterlab rasterio matplotlib

3.  Activate the ecostress_workshop environment and confirm that you can launch Jupyter Lab by going to the terminal or command prompt and typing the following:

conda activate ecostress_workshop 

jupyter lab


3. QGIS Setup

Download and install long term release version 3.4 of QGIS at:  

Install the latest version of the HCMGIS plugin to enable basemaps.

1.    In QGIS, go to the menu Plugins -> Manage and Install Plugins. A dialog box should appear. 

2.    In the search bar, type HCMGIS. There should be one search result under this name. 

3.    Click on the HCMGIS search result. You should see a description titled HCMGIS - Basemap, Batch Converter, VN-2000 Projections, Geometry Processing and Field Calculation Utilities.

4.    Click on Install Plugin. A progress bar should briefly appear. Once it’s installed, the Install Plugin button should no longer be available.

5.    Click Close to exit the plugin manager. 


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